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      Overview of Weifang

        Weifang is renowned as the World Kite Capital, a national civilized city, a national environmental protection model city, a national health city, a national garden city, an excellent tourist city of China, a national science and technology advanced city, a national circular economy demonstration city and a national civilized city and also the winner ...

      • 28/03


        Leaders of Ministry of Science and Technology Inspect Work in Weifang

          On the afternoon of March 24th, Xu Nanping, vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, came to Weifang to inspect the work on technological innovation. Deputy Governor Ling Wen and Vice Mayor Bian Hanlin accompanied him to relevant activities.   During their stay in Weifang, the delegation headed by Xu Nanping inspected the National Fuel Cell Technology ...

      • 27/03


        Xiashan Spring Lantern Show & 6th Food Festival to Open on April 3rd

          According to the press conference held by the Information Office of Weifang Municipal Government on March 23rd, the 2021 Xiashan Spring Lantern Show & 6th Xiashan Food Festival will be held from April 3rd to May 5th at Shuizhongyang Park in Xiashan District. There will be many highlights included in a number of themed lantern groups presenting to audience. Such lantern ...

      • 23/03


        Weifang Exports 260,000 Sheets of Silkworm Eggs to Uzbekistan

          The greatest batch of silkworm eggs for export so far in 2021 in China has recently completed customs clearance procedures such as inspection and quarantine, and been packed and exported to Uzbekistan smoothly. This batch of silkworm eggs was ordered by Uzbekistan from Shandong province, with the quantity of 260,000 sheets of or 6.5 billion silkworm eggs.   It is info...

      • 21/03


        Tian Qingying Meets with Guests from China Railway Construction Investment Group

          On the morning of March 17th, Tian Qingying, secretary of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee, met with a delegation headed by Gao Zhishuang, secretary of CPC Party Committee and Chairman of China Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. at the Farrington Hotel. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on further deepening cooperation in infrastructure and...

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